BBVA's Social Impact in Spain in 2014

To do so, we always carry out our activity in a responsible manner and placing people at the core of our purpose. A differential style of responsible banking where profitability is guided by the principles of integrity, prudence and transparency.

A financial institution like BBVA has an enormous responsibility toward our customers, employees, shareholders and society in general. With our products and services we have an impact on the lives of many millions of people. Our fundamental social function is to make sure that saving is channeled efficiently through loans for personal, business and public projects that can improve our present and our future as individuals and as a society.

The aim of this report is to explain this impact in Spain in 2014 in simple terms, translating what we do from euros into people. To do so we have organized it into two parts. The first part addresses how differential social impacts are generated if we always work according to principles and with a style of responsible banking. In the second part we will see who the final beneficiaries are, who give a meaning to everything we do.

In short, with this report we want to show how we make our vision a reality. How we work for a better future for people.

This report has been drawn up by BBVA with the participation and support of the KPMG consultancy firm in Spain on aspects such as the methodology used and the analyses conducted. In addition to the data obtained by the bank, and ad hoc model has also been developed based on the Input-Output framework. The methodology used throughout the process is detailed in the Annex.

* Note: The indicators shown in this report are for the year 2014 unless a different period is indicated, and for Spain, except for those on page 7, which are for the BBVA Group in the world.