‘Yo soy empleo’ (I am employment) to promote 10,000 new jobs

«Yo Soy Empleo» is an initiative that will provide up to 3,000 euros to those SMEs and self-employed professionals that create jobs. The BBVA initiative was created with the aim of creating up to 10,000 new jobs and includes a training program in leading business schools in Spain, as well as a full labor intermediation service.

“Unemployment is the biggest challenge Spain faces to overcome the economic crisis and fighting against it is a collective task that must involve us all. That is the starting point of «Yo Soy Empleo»Toni Ballabriga explained, BBVA Director of Corporate Reputation and Responsibility. “For that reason, we are going to support SMEs and self-employed professionals to create jobs in Spain That is the goal: to be a direct stimulus, a specific support because optimism is necessary but not enough. We need to take another step, specific measures, here and now”.

Directly supporting hiring

The first measure of «Yo Soy Empleo» is to provide a direct support for those SMEs and self-employed professionals that create jobs:

  • 3,000 euros for each unemployed person hired on a permanent basis
  • 1,500 euros for each unemployed person hired in other forms, with contracts lasting at least a year.

According to a recent study by consultancy firm Millward Brown, 70% of SMEs and self-employed professionals that are unaffected by the economic crisis plan to create or keep jobs. Most of these companies (61%), according to the report, demand economic incentives for new hires.

Training for SMEs and self-employed professionals

Another measure of «Yo Soy Empleo» is training as a key tool for the growth of SMEs and self-employed professionals and creating quality employment. The training, which is classroom based, will also facilitate networking among the participating companies promoting a genuine ecosystem supporting SMEs to create employment.

ESADE, Instituto de Empresa, Deusto Business School and Instituto Internacional San Telmo are the business schools that have joined this initiative and are already part of «Yo Soy Empleo». They will contribute their training human capital, resources and experience in creating value in the companies in Entrepreneurial Management Courses.

Full labor intermediation service

«Yo Soy Empleo» also offers a service provided by a team of recruitment consultants that manages the entire recruitment process for SMEs and self-employed professionals who request it. A service with great added value, especially for those companies that, because of their size, do not have a structure that allows them to have their own recruitment department or staff. In collaboration with Infoempleo, a full labor intermediation and recruitment service will be provided for participating companies and for the unemployed.


The «Yo Soy Empleo» initiative is structured around the Yo Soy Empleo website, which is a powerful tool that will articulate and channel supply and demand for labor. Unemployed applicants and SMEs and self-employed professionals with vacancies can register on this website and participate in this initiative, which was created with the goal of creating 10,000 new jobs in its first phase.

«Yo Soy Empleo» is an open initiative that other large or medium-sized enterprises have joined.