Yo soy empleo contributes to the creation of stable jobs for 4,000 jobseekers

Yo Soy Empleo has helped to create 3,956 new jobs between SMEs and the self-employed: 2,835 of them are permanent (72%) and 1,121 temporary of a minimum duration of one year (28%). The people hired had been unemployed for 13.2 months on average and 38% are under 30. This means that we have created an average of 76 jobs a week since its launch. In terms of training, 1,687 companies have benefited from the 48 courses offered and 87% of participants successfully completed them.

It is the first anniversary of «Yo Soy Empleo» (I am employment)  with the BBVA initiative being very well received by SMEs and the self-employed. The handouts of 3,000 euros for each permanent contract ran out in the first few months, although currently the handouts of 1,500 euros for other types of hiring are still available.

In its first year and in terms of geographical distribution, the communities with most handouts awarded are: Andalusia (18%), Madrid (17%), Valencia (12%) and Catalonia (11%). “Yo Soy Empleo has helped create nearly 4,000 new jobs during many of the worst moments of the economic turmoil. We are now convinced that it will be very helpful to get the turnaround we are all hoping for,” declared Antoni Ballabriga, global director of BBVA Corporate Social Responsibility and Reputation.

“The fight against unemployment is a marathon and at BBVA we are maintaining our commitment to employment as well as to SMEs and the self-employed in our country,” added Antoni Ballabriga, who has also shown to be particularly pleased “because «Yo Soy Empleo» has been confirmed as a real and effective tool to support hiring the medium- and long-term unemployed, and mainly with permanent jobs”.

Through «Yo Soy Empleo», BBVA has committed 18 million euros in direct hiring handouts alone, $3.5 million of which has already been given to SMEs. The total budget allocated for «Yo Soy Empleo», which includes direct handouts, training and a recruitment service, amounts to 26 million euros.

Success of the training program

To date, 1,687 SMEs have received the training offered by «Yo soy empleo». It is an Entrepreneurship Management program implemented by the renowned business schools in Spain: ESADE, Instituto de Empresa, Deusto Business School and Instituto Internacional San Telmo. The companies participating in the training program employ over 40,000 people and have proven to be job-creating SMEs.

Demand for the training has been high throughout the whole of Spain and it is highly valued among SMEs and the self-employed, who recognize it as an “extremely valuable initiative that helps companies grow as individuals” and as “a quality award for our daily effort and a little social recognition”, as confirmed by the participants in the evaluations after the courses.

«Yo Soy Empleo» considers training to be a key tool for the growth of SMEs and the self-employed and to generate quality employment. The training, which is classroom based, also facilitates networking between the participating companies, promoting a genuine ecosystem of support for the employment-creating SME.

Recruitment, an innovative ‘Yo soy empleo‘ service

The recruitment service, provided by Infojobs, has 5,300 companies registered. These are SMEs with vacancies that publicize their job openings through the «Yo Soy Empleo» website. This support in selecting profiles is provided by a team of human resources consultants that manages the entire recruitment process for SMEs and self-employed professionals who need it and at no cost to them. In its first year running there has been over 42,000 registered job applicants.

This service offers great added value, especially for micro-SMEs or the self-employed that, due to their size, do not have a structure that allows them to have their own recruitment department or staff.

European Enterprise 2020 Social Responsibility Initiative

«Yo Soy Empleo» has been recognized as one of the best European Enterprise 2020 Social Responsibility initiatives organized by Forética, which aims to ensure that in the coming years over 13,000 people will get a job (nearly 3,000 of them young people), more than 5,000 people will receive training to improve their employability, and nearly 600 projects by entrepreneurs will receive support to help them become established. The Enterprise 2020 80% employment target in Spain will be covered entirely by «Yo Soy Empleo».

Agreements with third parties

BBVA continues to extend the scope of its «Yo soy empleo» initiative, in a bid to join forces to take on the challenge of creating employment in Spain; to date 72 agreements have been signed and another 20 are expected to be signed in the coming months. The financial institution was the first company to adopt the Strategy for Entrepreneurship and Youth Employment 2013/2016 promoted by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security. It has also reached agreements with the Federation of Associations of Self-Employed Workers (ATA), the Spanish Council of Chambers of Commerce, Cercle d’ Economia de Mallorca, the Valencian Business Confederation, Cecot in Catalonia, as well as a high number of business associations at the local and regional level in all of Spain.

BBVA set up a contact center to respond to all the enquiries and questions from SMEs, self-employed professionals, entrepreneurs, and jobseekers with regard to «Yo Soy Empleo». The free helpline can be reached at 900 816 993 and will answer your queries Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 7 pm.

In addition all the information on «Yo Soy Empleo» can be consulted on the «Yo Soy Empleo» or  «BBVA con tu empresa» websites. Both SMEs and jobseekers can sign up for the program though these sites.

The «Yo Soy Empleo» initiative has also had great support internally among employees and in the BBVA sales network itself, which has also offered and informed all those interested, both customers and non-customers, about these handouts. 65% of BBVA employees considers that the training should still be offered even if the 2,000 places available are used up and 88% would not change any of the three elements of the initiative (direct handouts, training and recruitment) valuing it as highly useful.