An award that encourages us to continue along this path

By Txema Franco Managing Director of Lantegi Batuak

At Lantegi Batuak we have been working with people with disabilities for nearly thirty years. Needless to say, our society has changed a great deal since then. Those were hard, but exciting years. Hard because we were in the midst of an industrial rationalization process and a major social crisis. Hard because people with intellectual disability were very far from playing the role they play today in our society. But exciting, because there were a lot of projects to carry out and many people became involved to achieve it.

Today we also face a hard and exciting stage. The economic and social situation is once again difficult. And if we talk about people with disabilities, they find it twice as difficult. However, today we have more resources, experience and support. Also today, Lantegi Batuak is full of projects, ideas and life to create quality employment, supporting the employability of the disabled.

For the women and men with disabilities who are part of Lantegi Batuak, more than 2,700 people, receiving the BBVA Integra award has given our organization a real boost. A boost to carry on with the projects and with our mission. There is no doubt that this is one of the most important awards for the organizations that work for people with disabilities, and not only for the amount of money involved. Perhaps more important is to see how the work carried out over so many years and the efforts by so many people have been valued by the social organizations we belong to and with which we share our values.

This award entails an additional responsibility, but also a challenge. We will continue to work to generate employment opportunities for people with disabilities and share our experience with all the organizations that are committed to proving that another way of doing business is possible.