Do you know what TCR communication is?

By María Such Andrés Project Manager for the TCR Communication project- Reputation and Strategy at BBVA

A few months ago we asked bancarized people in the countries where BBVA operates what they consider to be a responsible bank.

People told us loud and clear. A responsible bank is above all one that gives its customers information that’s complete and easy to understand. We found there’s a very deep-rooted belief in society that we at the banks set out to conceal information or to present it in a highly complex and confusing way. What’s more, many believe we do this intentionally simply to sell more products in our campaign and meet a series of demanding objectives from our branch network.

The customers really helped us set our priorities. If we want to win back their trust and position ourselves as a straightforward and responsible bank, we have to start by speaking clearly. We also know this will make people recommend us more.

So we rolled up our sleeves and started work on what we have called our Clear, Transparent and Responsible Communication project (TCR).

Since then we’ve done a lot. We’re working on TCR sheets and contracts in the eight main countries where we have a presence. The sheets are intended to explain the products to customers so they can take an informed decision. The contracts are designed to ensure that customers always understand what they are signing. This work involves numerous people with different functions, and includes the participation of our customers.

We’re also developing a TCR Advertising Code to help guarantee that our advertising communications are always Transparent, Clear and Responsible. And finally we’re seeing how we can integrate this way of “behaving” in the digital environments.

When you look at it with hindsight you can see the project has come a long way in a very short time, and that we’re gaining more and more supporters. But you can also see everything that still needs to be done.  We have so many points of contact with the customers, so many channels, so many moments of truth. A negative experience can put paid to all the progress made on other fronts. That’s why the challenge now is to see how we can bring about cultural change. How to make TCR something that concerns us all.  And that’s what we’re doing.  All suggestions are welcome, as long as they’re TCR!