Say yes without hesitating

By Antonella Broglia TEDxMadrid

When I, as organizer of TEDxMadrid, got in touch with BBVA’s Ignacio Villoch to ask that the Bank’s Innovation Center take part in the TEDxChange initiative, he said yes without hesitating. And this was the middle of August. He went on to say that the Innovation Center had been set up precisely with such initiatives in mind. TEDxChange was an event created jointly by TED and the Gates Foundation. It took place in New York on 20 September and touched on all the major issues concerning the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Goals. We in Madrid, at BBVA’s Innovation Center, had a live connection with New York and heard some very powerful speeches, which we then discussed between ourselves. And by “between ourselves” I mean between a group of people firmly committed to achieving the Millennium Goals: United Nations representatives, members of the Government, NGOs, businesses…

Together we drew conclusions, which are summarized in the document that can be found at TEDxMadrid Live, as well as positive energy to keep up the work. The BBVA team has put its weight behind in this initiative from the outset, playing a major role in organizing the event, including the essential technical task of connecting live to New York (without which nothing could have happened!) and generally helping to coordinate a day that the Gates Foundation called one of the best organized in the world. And there were more than 80!

This video gives a flavor of that excellent day.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. And now everyone to work, there’s plenty to be done.


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