BBVA launches new tagline to reflect its transformation process


From February, “Adelante” will be gradually replaced with “Creating opportunities” (Creando oportunidades). This new tagline summarizes the Bank’s purpose: “To bring the age of opportunity to everyone.”

Over the last few years, BBVA has undergone major changes so as to help its customers make better financial decisions and to have a positive impact on their lives. The opportunities to which the tagline refers focus on facilitating education through technology and empowering an increasing number of people to implement their own projects.

“Creating opportunities” also means changing the Bank’s image, identity, sound and value proposition. The selection process was the result of a group effort involving over 28,000 BBVA employees from across the world, who made their suggestions via the Google+ community. Their ideas were then used to conduct market research among customers: they were asked to select the most appropriate options and the options they would have a greater emotional connection with. “Companies are trying to define and look for their raison d’être. And there is increasing evidence that people are more interested in knowing what lies underneath, what the company’s essence is, what its raison d’être is than in the products and services it offers,” explained Carlos Ricardo, Market Director of the BBVA Group.

The tagline is a reflection of BBVA’s role as facilitator that helps people materialize any opportunities they may come across on a daily basis. These opportunities are offered through: financial products that meet individual customer needs; financial education programs; transparent, clear and responsible communication; commitment with the environment; support to entrepreneurship; and promotion of culture and science, among other initiatives in favor of society. “The tagline is like an empty container that we will gradually fill up with other initiatives, product communication and services that the Bank is launching to have consumers choose BBVA as their main financial institution,” stated Carlos Pérez Beruete, Brand Director at the BBVA Group. “We will keep filling this container up, ‘Creating Opportunities’, with all capacities and value propositions that we will create over the next few years.”