BBVA hosted a new edition of the “Innovators Under 35” awards in Argentina and Uruguay

BBVA hosted a new edition of the “Innovators Under 35″ awards in Argentina and Uruguay

In November, ten selected young people presented their innovative projects in the Buenos Aires Auditorium, as the closing of the third “Innovators Under 35” awards in Argentina and Uruguay. This recognition is awarded by the MIT Technology Review with the support of BBVA, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

At the “Día del emprendedor de Buenos Aires” (Buenos Aires Entrepreneur Day) conference, organized by the City Government to promote entrepreneurship during the Global Entrepreneurship Week, two of the ten selected young people received special recognition: Ezequiel Escobar, from the province of Jujuy and creator of the Usound application, which turns any smartphone into a hearing aid, was recognized as “Social Innovator”, while the Uruguayan Victoria Alonsopérez was named “Innovator of the Year” for creating a collar (Chipsafer) that makes it possible to monitor cattle in real time.

“What these young people have in common is the creativity with which they innovatively face problems affecting society today, and the courage and entrepreneurial spirit that has enabled them to make their projects generate a strong social and economic impact. Recognizing their work, creating opportunities for visibility and helping them promote their projects is our most important task,” said Cecilia Nicolini, deputy director of the Spanish edition of MIT Technology Review.

Gustavo Vinacua, director of Open Innovation and Innovation Centers BBVA, said that “the awards put the spotlight on young entrepreneurs who are really transforming their areas of activity and challenging conventional ways of doing things. BBVA shares the conviction with the ten winners that the digital age offers a unique opportunity to reinvent every industry to be more agile, responsive to the real needs of each person at all times and, ultimately, make our lives easier while progressing as a society”.

The Ten 2014 Innovators Under 35 in Argentina and Uruguay are as follows: Alejandro Resnik, Andrea Goldin, Camila Petignat, Marcelo Lanfranconi, Martín Frascaroli, Victoria Alonsopérez, Néstor Ghenzi, Ezequiel Escobar, Tomás Escobar and Valeria Springer.

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