BBVA collaborates with the MIT “TR35” awards


BBVA is to collaborate in the third edition of the Innovators Under-35 Argentina and Uruguay Award, a prize awarded by MIT Technology Review, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology publication (MIT). The prize will select young Argentines and Uruguayans with the most creative and impressive technology projects, able to provide a solution for global problems.

In addition to a further year with BBVA’s collaboration, this third edition will also include the Government of Buenos Aires and the IDB, who will take part in the activities this time around.

“This type of activity enables us to connect with the Innovation Ecosystem and boost talent nurturing and ideas that favor innovation and the creation of new technologies, business models and innovative startups that may shake up how things are done. At BBVA we believe in open innovation, actively and frequently working with entrepreneurs, scientists and developers,” states Gustavo Vinacua, Director of Innovation and Open Innovation Centers at the BBVA Group.

“Innovators Under-35” will recognize young pioneering, visionary inventors and entrepreneurs who at the technological forefront, transforming the world. The awards cover all areas of technology from the internet and web to biotechnology and telecommunications. The requirements for nomination are being under-35, from Argentina or Uruguay and a creator of an innovative technology that has a real impact on key areas for society.

A jury of technology experts, investors and renowned international academics will assess candidates and, alongside the MIT Technology Review editorial team, choose the 10 young people with the most innovative projects with the greatest social and economic impact.

Since they began in 2012, the “Innovators Under-35” awards have already recognized and promoted 20 young people with top-flight projects running from a remote medicine and education platform for improving rehabilitation of disabled children to a platform to convert start-ups into global businesses.

The MIT Technology Review awards, whose global edition has recognized innovators such as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Google’s Sergey Brin and Konstantin Novoselov, pioneer of graphene and winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, have become a global benchmark in discovering and promoting emerging talent. Regional editions of the awards have been held around the world since 2010, creating the largest community of global innovators.

In Latin America, BBVA supports the “Innovators Under-35” awards held in Argentina, Brazil, Central America, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay. In this way, it promotes the creation of a global community of young leaders at the vanguard of technology who are transforming the future of their country and the region.

This is how the TR35 award ceremony went at Emtech Mexico 2014.