BBVA Bancomer supports the MIT Technology Review “Innovators under 35” awards

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) through its publication MIT Technology Review, will for the third year in a row reward the new generation of young Mexican leaders who are transforming the future of the country. The Innovators under 35 Mexico awards, with the support of BBVA Bancomer and UNAM, will recognize the Mexican professionals who develop the most creative technological projects with the biggest impact on society.

Gerardo Flores Hinojosa, General Manager for Commercial Development and Payment Channels at BBVA Bancomer, explained: “At BBVA Bancomer we are committed to forging a system of innovation and value creation. We know that the support provided for young innovators and entrepreneurs who are driving change is fundamental for developing new talent and constructing new ecosystems.”

He added that “We have been decisive in providing support to small and medium-enterprises via governmental and grass-roots business projects, setting up a permanent consultancy and financing for SMEs.”

Eduardo Bárzana, Secretary General at UNAM, stated: “The level of the winners has been very high in past years, and we are sure that this new edition of Innovators under 35 will again reflect the level of research and the spirit of entrepreneurship of young Mexicans.”

Pedro Moneo, Editor of the Spanish edition of MIT Technology Review; explained that “Innovators under 35 discovers and recognizes a new generation of leaders who are innovators, pioneers, entrepreneurs, visionaries and support others, who dare to use technology to respond to current problems and who are driving the social and economic change that will decide the future of this country.”

Registration will be open through the online platform until April 21 this year. Eligibility requirements are: being under 35, Mexican and having created an innovative solution to a global problem that generates a real impact on society.

The names of the 10 winners will be announced in the Spanish-language edition of the MIT Technology Review in June.

Three years of Innovators under 35 in Mexico

MIT Technology Review has for more than a decade selected the 35 innovators under the age of 35 with the aim of discovering the most talented young people and the most exceptional projects from around the world. Regional versions have also been launched in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Some of the best-known prizewinners from the global edition include Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, and Google’s Sergey Brin. Among this select group is the Mexican Enrique Lómnitz, one of the winners in the Mexican competition in 2013 and the global edition held the same year in the U.S. He has created a system for capturing rainwater in areas with limited resources.

Other young Mexicans recognized in past years of Innovators under 35 Mexico include Daniel Gómez, founder of Solben, whose technology is currently used by 80% of the biodiesel plants in Mexico, and Javier Lozano, founder of Clínicas del Azúcar, a social entrepreneurship project that offers comprehensive treatment for diabetes to low-income communities.

The biggest community of innovators

BBVA in association with MIT Technology Review rewards and recognizes talent across Latin America. In Latin America, the Spanish edition of Innovators under 35 has discovered and supported innovators in Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay, Peru, Chile and Central America. This has driven the creation of a global community of professional leaders at the cutting edge of technology that will transform the future.

For the editor of the Spanish edition of MIT Technology Review, at present “Latin America is being driven very strongly at the innovative and entrepreneurial level and Latin American innovators have become the biggest community for MIT. Innovators under 35 is a very large community of leaders, widely distributed geographically, which shares a very significant Latin American identity. This new generation of leaders is driving social and economic changes that will transform our future.”